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Survival Medicine: How To Build A Survival Medical Kit

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When you are venturing outdoors (or even at home) anything can happen! Beware! Medical emergencies can occur anytime, as they are – by nature –unpredictable. They could occur due to a storm, or just on an outing that you had hoped would be fun-filled. This book is quite thorough. It contains information about how to compose your own medicine kit – both a medium-size and large kit. All the contents you need are listed, including dry materials such as gauze, bandages, adhesive tape, antibiotics, antiseptics, blood clotting agents, burn salve ointments, and utensils needed to treat wounds. A medicine kit like the ones described here are very appropriate for emergency medical treatment. One should be kept in your home, your car, and taken with you on camping trips.

Life preserving tips and first-aid techniques are also covered here for most unexpected occurrences such as minor and major bleeding events, broken bones, obstructed airways, treatment of snake bites, tick bites, and insect bites. Also, treatment of shock is explained, as it is a leading cause of further complications from traumatic injuries.