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Survival: How To Disappear Without A Trace

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If you are someone that dreams of making a fresh start in life, desperate to leave the unpleasant past in the past and begin anew on a positive note; then this book will guide you towards making this become a reality for you. You will learn how to begin a new protected life and enjoy a happy future. For this to happen you will not need to hire an attorney or have to appear in court. You can accomplish this without even stepping foot outside of the comfort of your own home. By making use of your Internet and cell phone you can accomplish your goals. It will only take a few hours out of your time for you to start anew, I have a detailed example within the pages of this book for you to follow.

Perhaps you are someone that is in fear for your life or you want to get away from a person that has been causing you grief and abusing you. You might have a stalker, rapist, crazy person, or another evil sick individual that has made your life hell that you are desperate to get away from and begin a new life. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to start a new beginning for yourself this book will offer you tips and suggestions to make this happen for you. This process does not involve you being in the “Federal Witness Protection Program”, but it will be your equivalent of it without losing control of your life, giving you complete control of your future not putting it in anyone else’s hands but in your own. Keep in mind that this process is legal in all 50 states.