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Survival Guide for the Absolute Beginner.

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This guide is about getting ready to face disaster head on, without panic or despair. It begins from the time everything is calm, times when people are leading a normal life. It teaches you how to be alive to the reality that although things may be rosy today, you cannot predict what might befall the same place later. The tips in the book, beginning with the elementary of prepping, provide guidance on the actual steps to take, so that if disaster were to strike you and your family would survive it without too much stress.

Even if you have never faced disaster and have no idea what you need to do in such dire circumstances, this guide will put you at ease with its well delivered information, as well as the progressive steps it provides. You will learn what to buy when, what to pack and for what purpose, and even where to hide when you are in that volatile situation of disaster.

In this book you will learn:

  • Information you need to gather in normal days
  • Prepping items to buy in calm times
  • The advantages of buying your prepping items early enough
  • Items to pack in your emergency kit
  • Things to consider when prepping for specified disasters
  • Actions that make your prepping successful
  • Prepping issues that you need to discuss as a family
  • Advisable prepping if you have a child in school
  • Safest spots to hide during specific disasters
  • Things you should avoid during specified disasters

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