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Situational Awareness Survival Guide: 15 Cops' and Special Forces' Secrets That Will Help You To Detect Danger And Get Out Alive In Any Situation

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In this book you are going to be offered knowledge and skills that can help you survive a situation where your life could be at risk. It is unfortunate that we need to think of these things, but the world that we live in today is being ravaged more and more frequently by terrorists, striking at random places all over the world. You need to help increase your safety by learning the skill of situational awareness. This is a very important skill that could end up saving your life one day, especially in a disaster where law and order breaks down.

This survival prepping guide will reveal to you how to hone your observation skills, detect danger before it happens, and be aware of what to do when you come across bad guys (terrorists) in any place and at any time.

You Will Learn About:

  • What situational awareness is and how it can save your life.
  • 4 things you should do when you scan your surroundings.
  • Become a better observer and really understand what you are seeing.
  • Know how to act in public, without drawing attention to yourself.
  • Be able to spot danger in a crowded place—so you can save your life and others.
  • Teach your kids situational awareness in a way that is fun for them.
  • How to be aware of what you are looking for and act on it.
  • Know the three types of body language that you should keep an eye on to detect bad guys before they act.
  • Two ways a person's hands can reveal that they are up to no good.
  • Know how Marines spot when someone is trying to “act natural” but is actually a threat—and how you can, too.
  • How to quickly come up with a plan of action for everywhere you go... so you are able to escape danger when you only have seconds to act.
  • Plus many more survival skills that can help save your life!