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Edible Wild Plants: Wild Plants You Can Find In The Forest

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Edible Wild Plants

Wild Plants You Can Find In The Forest

book is designed for anyone who is interested in the merits of the bountiful food that grows all around us. The great outdoors just so happens to be the greatest repository of food that man has ever known. Just one look outdoors and you will find a true wealth of flora that you can consume. Heck, just take a trip to your backyard to mow the grass and you will find a few edible plants that way too!

Those little yellow weeds known as dandelions? Yep, those are a super nutritious food that you can eat with just about anything! And what about those mushrooms popping up next to your grill, yes, you guessed it, completely edible! This book will teach you how you can find and eat just about anything outside! If it is growing wild you can eat it! You can be just like the rabbits and birds that are jumping around on your lawn and eat just bout anything that you see sprouting up in the roughage.

It is a great time to consume some raw plants! Read this book and you will learn every single step that you need to know in order to eat this raw plants and how you can use them to greatly enrich and enhance your life. There are several ways in which these raw, edible plants can be of use for you. This book lists them all! So what are you waiting for! Buy this book and let your journey begin!

In this book you will learn how you can:

  • Find raw fruits, vegetables and fungus
  • Know the benefits of raw edible plants
  • Harvest raw, edible plants
  • Store plants