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DIY Survival: Deadly Self-Defense Projects for You and Your Home

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DIY Survival

Deadly Self-Defense Projects for You and Your Home

Welcome to DIY Survival Projects: Deadly Defences, a DIY book about prepping your home with a deadly defense that can kill your enemies or harm them enough to where you can protect your family. As we come nearer and nearer to nasty times and more of us become dependent on nature rather than the government, having natural defenses built up in-house goes a long way to making sure we can sleep soundly at night. This book is not only built to help you identify how you can build your traps effectively and for specific purposes but also shows you a wide range of different traps you can make yourself.

In the first chapter, we will go over the purpose of a deadly defense and the three different aspects that make up a deadly defense, such as:

  • Receiving knowledge that your enemy is about to hit your house
  • Launching attacks on your opponent before they can even come close to you
  • Building solid traps that will damage or kill your enemies before they reach you or your loved ones

In the second chapter, we will get right into the traps by setting up some ways you can use to detect your enemies before they reach your more sensitive areas. In the third chapter, we will go ahead and build some deadly traps that will catch your opponents by surprise both inside of the house and outside of the house. This includes electrification all the way up to shoving a spear into their bodies while you hide behind cover.

The last two chapters will cover some more traps, such as:

  • What you can do with a jar of honey, glue, and wood to make your enemy regret stepping foot in or around your house.
  • Using carpets as a natural form of defense.
  • Using a modified old comedic gag as a deadly defense

This book is not only designed to help you build deadly defenses for your home, but also generate new ideas that you can incorporate into your overall defense.