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Crochet Underwear: 10 Crochet Underwear Patterns

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Crochet Underwear

10 Amazing Crochet Underwear Patterns

This book is an overview of the many possible ways pieces of crochet can be turned into amazing underwear. The 10 patterns range from comfortable and homey to seductive and naughty. They are described with easy to follow directions and stitch patterns. Variations in size and style are given for most of the patterns, as well as ideas for building your own creations.

The topics covered include:

  • Basic bikini top and bottom
  • How to add beads and fringes
  • How to make a heart doily into a thong
  • Comfortable shorts that can be adapted for the whole family
  • Lacy lingerie dresses

Once you start making crochet underwear, you’ll find there is no end to the different patterns and styles you can create.