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Crochet Summer Hats: 5 Amazing Patterns For Women

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Crochet Summer Hats

5+ Amazing Patterns For Women

It seems as soon as the sun comes out it’s time to totally reinvent what you are wearing this year, and when it comes to the accessories, you know that you have to have the best.

Whether you are looking at adorable flip flops, cute belts, or the ever exhilarating summer scarf, you have your options lining up for miles when it comes to what you want to wear, but there are few things that make a statement like a hat.

Summer hats have been, and always will be, one of the most perfect fashion choices you will ever make. Whether you are donning your favorite summer dress, are making a statement when you are out and about in flirty jeans and a tank top, or if you are catching some rays in your perfect bikini, you know that nothing is going to complete the look quite like a hat does.

The only issue is… which hat are you going to use? There are so many to choose from, whether you want to go with the boho look of a sleek and trim slouchy beanie, or if you want to embrace your girlie side with a large floppy brim that would make any lady at the Kentucky derby proud, or should you go with something in between?

If only there was a way you didn’t have to choose.

Well now there is! This book is going to show you how to crochet your own hats, and take your look from drab to fab in a matter of minutes.

  • Explore your different options to find the hat that you love
  • Make your own hats to show off your own style
  • Mix and match as you please to make the perfect summer look
  • Have fun and throw your own style into it
  • And more!