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Crochet Ear Warmers: 17 Super Easy And Cute Ear Warmer Crochet Patterns

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Old Man Winter is here again, and with him he brought all kinds of cold and snow. You love to spend time outside, whether it be cutting down a Christmas tree, going about your errands, or making snowmen, but you don’t love what it does to your ears.

When you are out in the winter wind, you are going to want your ears to stay warm and toasty, just like the rest of your body. Now, you can make your own cute ear warmers that are going to stave off even the bitterest of cold!

With the patterns you are going to find in this book, you are going to have something for everyone. These ear warmers are perfect for anything you want to do outdoors, and keep your ears safe and sound.

You don’t have to worry about frostbite, or those tingling ears that come when you are playing out in the wind. Now, you can spend the day outside and still find be warm and cozy under all of your layers.

And what could be better than ear warmers that are cute as well as warm? Now you can have both! These ear warmers are easy to make, cute, and go with any outfit, not to mention they take the cold out of the winter wonderland.

You are going to love what you can make with these patterns, and you are going to have all of your gift-giving problems solved! Who doesn’t want their own handmade ear warmers wrapped up under the Christmas tree?

Now, you can:

  • Make your own ear warmer patterns
  • Customize them to fit your own wants and needs
  • Make them out of any fiber you want
  • Mix and match to make them work with any outfit
  • And more!