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Crochet: 20 Fall Crochet Patterns

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20 Fall Crochet Patterns

Fall is here once again, and the time to get cozy is upon us. It’s time to start thinking about cool nights and hot cocoa, tea and scarves and lattes in the park. It’s time to put away the swimsuits and start putting on the arm warmers, leg warmers, and cozy beanies.

It’s time for you to grab your hot tea after a long day at work, and sit down to relax, wrapped up in the warmth of your favorite blanket. It’s time for you to settle in for the Autumn weather and enjoy everything this season has to offer.

And, what is the best way to do that?

Obviously, you need to make your home and wardrobe ready for this awesome season, and that means the accessories and décor is about to come out! But, do you want to have to deal with all of last year’s models? Of course not!

You want something that is as new and fresh as the season itself, and that means you need to go all new. You need to go fresh. You need to take a break from the norm and dive into what you love… you need to make your own. And, since you know how to crochet, you are in the front seat for doing it right the first time!

That is what this book is about. In it, you are going to discover tons of different projects that you can fall in love with… projects that are just as cozy and fun as the season we are entering.

So, grab yourself some tea and get yourself some of your favorite yarns and crochet hooks, and you are going to enter a whole new world of décor. All in the pages of this book.

  • Find the patterns you love to decorate your house and wardrobe
  • Indulge in all of the cute patterns of the season
  • Have fun and throw in your own bit of style to each and every piece
  • And more!