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Bushcraft Survival: Skills And Strategies To Help You Survive In The Wild - Making Fire, Foraging, Fishing, Orientation

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Bushcraft Skills And Strategies

Making Fire, Foraging, Fishing And Orientation

Bushcraft surviving is not easy rather it’s full of threats and dangers. The journey to wild is fun on the one hand while on the other side surviving there is not an easy task. There are certain threats that you may face and it would be difficult for you to return home safe. To keep all these and much more aspects in mind, this book Bushcraft Survival is designed. The purpose of this book is to keep you safe from the wild life and different other threats. The most widely used survival strategies are part of this book. Here you will learn how to make fire in the dense wild when you have very scarce resources available. Moreover some tips that will help you to get oriented during the wild journey are also discussed in the fabulous book. Obviously the survival in the bushcraft is impossible without food. So some techniques like fishing and foraging are also elaborated in this book to guide you properly. Hence reading this book is crucial for you especially if you are beginner. Because this book will make your bushcraft survival easy and you will return home safe and sound. The main topics that Bushcraft Survival book contains are:

  • Some skills and strategies
  • Make fire in wild
  • Fishing in the wilderness
  • Foraging
  • How to remain oriented
  • Navigation tips
  • And much more