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Bobble Crochet: 18 Amazing Bobble Stitch Crochet Patterns

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Creativity is always breathtaking whether it is in the form of natural depiction or manmade items. Creativity signifies that human mind is capable of thinking beyond the restrictions of routines and rules. This creativity has led to the various kinds of art forms around us.

The most eye-catching form of creativity is depicted in the handmade crafts, which show the real physical effort put up by humans, to endorse their mental creativity. Some of the handicrafts involve weaving and fabricating, out of which crochet is the most famous one.

In this book, I have mentioned the different crochet patterns, with particular reference to the bobble stitch. I have tried to make the pattern demonstration easier to follow and quick to visualize, helping the beginners so that they can make the best use of this book.

The prominent topics and the important illustrations highlighted in this book will entail to the following principal issues:

  • A preliminary discussion regarding the basics of crochet to make the reader familiar with the basic weaving patterns of crochet, along with a discussion on the historical evolution of crochet patterns.
  • A detailed demonstration of 18 different crochet bobble patterns including the rugs, bags, cushions and many more items of great utility.