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Blacksmithing: 20 Quick And Easy Projects For Beginners

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20 Quick And Easy Projects For Beginners

You may be considering starting as a blacksmith, whether as a hobby or as a professional. Whilst there are many courses available which can help you to learn the basic principles it is possible to start blacksmithing at home without any prior experience or education. The best approach to have if you do not have or wish to undertaking professional training is to consult as many books as possible and speak to others who have already gained experience as blacksmiths.

Merging metals together, bending them and even shaping them is an ancient technique which has been revered throughout time. In fact, many early blacksmiths were seen as witches or magicians because they could control metal and even hardening or soften it according to need. Whatever your approach, it is certain that once you start blacksmithing it is not something you will be able to easily give up.

This book will help you to get started and improve your skills as a blacksmith by providing the following information:

  • A summary of the origins of Blacksmithing and modern day practices.
  • Ten projects for those just getting started in blacksmithing. These are designed for anyone who understands the basic terms such as drawing the metal but has not yet created their own product.
  • Five projects which will help you to build on your skills and see the potential available through your new skills.
  • Five more advanced projects which are still within the grasps of the beginner. These will help you to appreciate what is possible and how your skills have already improved.