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Alternative Medicine for Beginners

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Alternative Medicine for Beginners

Simple Homemade Remedies to Stay Healthy without Pills

eBook “Alternative Medicine for Beginners: How to make and use simple homemade remedies to stay healthy without pills” helps you to live your lifestyle in a healthy way without getting the support of pills. Pills are basically the psychological satisfaction which we get and we tend to depend on them overtime. Once we get used to it, there is no way you can escape from it because your brain starts thinking that this is the only solution to get yourself cured. This eBook helps you with the home made ways of getting away from the minor and normal illness which you may face in the daily life without any pills. You can learn a lot from this eBook if you are a wife or a to-be wife.

This book covers certain areas in form of chapters which are as followings:

  • Remedies to Reduce Weight Without Pills
  • Natural Remedies to Treat Viral Infections
  • Remedies to Treat Skin Problems
  • Remedies to Treat Joint Pain and Inflammation
  • Herbal Remedies for Burn, Bleeding and Stings