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25+ The Most Popular Crochet Stitches: Learn Them All in One Day And Use to Create Your Own Crochet Patterns!  

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We suppose you have basic crochet skills if you are reading this. You may have hooks of various sizes and you know size matters. Your projects could be an afghan, linens, or baskets.

Let’s first discuss the double crochet. It is taller and one of the most popular. They are more for placemats, afghan, shawls, and sweaters. You accomplish this by making 15 chains stitches. Make an additional 3 stitches. This is the first double stitch. Then wind the yarn around the keep in mind the hook back to front. Loop your hook among two front loops and under the rear loop of the fourth. Wrap around the hook. Next this step is pulling the hook through the middle lacing the wrapped yarn into the stitch. At this point you should have 3 loops. Now guide your yarn into the first two loops. Wind over the hook. Once again guide the yarn towards the last 2 loops on the needle. One loop should be left and here is one complete double crochet stitch

Feel free to give the projects inside a finishing touch. We would share the tools we use to complete projects. Steel crochet hooks for doilies and lace. The long variety. We hope you did not take on the grand task of doing it with your fingers. No worries we wrote this book to inspire you. Come along and learn basic to more complicated techniques. There are 25 photos along with the steps.

We don’t promise all the answers but we can tell you what’s inside:

  • Arcade Stitch
  • Basic Shell
  • Cable
  • Eyelet
  • Peacock
  • Tulip
  • And more...