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Mini Farming: 150+ Best Organic Vegetables, Herbs В And Mushrooms Gardening At Your Backyard

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Mini Farming:

150+ Best Organic Vegetables, Herbs В And Mushrooms Gardening At Your Backyard

BOOK #1: Gardening Calendar: Learn When to Plant Your Vegetable

This book will help you to plan different tasks in advance and you can manage the health and beauty of your garden in a better way. After reading this book, you will learn all about the basics. This book will help you to design your own gardening calendar as per your needs.

BOOK #2: Container Gardening For Beginners:Top-20 Plants to Grow In Small Spaces the Whole Year

In this book we have you covered! Because just as this book demonstrates, you can grow your plants in big and small pots, buckets, cloth bags, rugs and even coffee mugs! If you have a container then you can grow a plant in it. In this book we start you off nice and easy introducing you to the concept and then instructing you on the exact type of containers that you can use and what kinds of plants to put in them. So if you want to sharpen up that green thumb of yours, and use it in your very own container garden, this book has everything that you need.

BOOK #3: Herb Gardening: A beginner's guide How to Plant, Grow, Dry and Preserve More than 25 Herbs

There are so many herbs which are of vital importance and you can grow them in your home without any problem. These herbs may include basil, chamomile, Echinacea, feverfew, Johnny-jump-up, Lavender, oregano etc. All of these herbs can be planted and grown in almost same place and conditions as all herbs usually require the essentials to grow. Here in this book, you can get information about the ways of planting, growing and preserving more than 25 herbs to be used for various purposes.

BOOK #4: Herb Gardening 2: 25 Best Medicinal and Culinary Herbs to Plant, Grow, Dry and Preserve!

In this book you will gain a wide range of knowledge of herbs used in medicinal and culinary recipes. Many people today are turning to healthy choices in life and one of those is growing their own organic foods. Also more people are using medicinal herbs for treatments of basic ailments rather than using synthetic drugs that often come with many bad side effects. People are becoming more aware that the natural choice is certainly the healthier choice over synthetic options.

BOOK #5: Mushroom Growing for Dummies: A Complete Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home

This book helps you in growing the mushrooms at home if you don’t like to wait for the particular harvesting season to arrive or you just don’t want to go on the fungi hunt in the dark forest jungle. It tells you all about the different varieties of mushrooms that you can grow easily grow in your basement or pressure cooker jars. It also provides a complete account of the supplies and equipments that you are going to need during the process of growing the mycelium.

BOOK #6: Mushrooms 2: A New Ultimate Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home For Dummies

This book will introduce you to the colorful and sometimes dangerous world of mushrooms. Whether you grow them at home or like to look for them in the wild it is important to understand the traits of those which pose a danger to your health. In fact, this book will enlighten you as to the real cause of most illnesses and fatalities caused by the consumption of mushrooms. It is not the poisonous mushrooms which most people know to steer clear off; it is actually the poor storage and picking of these mushrooms!

BOOK #7: Perennial Vegetables: 15 Vegetables You Plant Once and Harvest Forever

There are various advantages of growing perennial vegetables, such as these require less time and they require less tillage as compared to a conventional garden. The soil structure will not disturb the cultivation and the carbon will retail in the soil. These can increase the harvesting season, such as early spring and they are really valuable. Some perennial vegetables have a higher level of mineral nutrients as compared to annuals. This book is designed for your assistance because it has 15 vegetables with their growing conditions.

BOOK #8: Perennial Vegetables: 20 Vegetables To Plant Once and Harvest Forever

This book is a great guide for anyone who is trying to plant their own perennial flowers for the first time. All you need to do is plant your seeds in the ground and then wait until the end of the year for the flowers to bloom!

BOOK #9: Medicinal Herbs: 20 Best Healing Herbs to Growing, Harvesting, and Using

This book is a constellation of all those herbs which are used for numerous useful purposes. Moreover, the specialty of these herbs lies on the fact that they can be grown at home. Therefore, this book contains the way these herbs can be harvested in your own houses. After reading this book, the reader will get to know about the herbs, their use and the method to grow them on your own.