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Essential Oils for Your Pets

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Essential Oils for Pets

Homemade Recipes to Keep Your Pets Healthy

Essential Oils for Your Pets: Homemade Essential Oils Recipes to Keep Your Pets Healthy is a book written in simple language to help pet lovers maintain the health of their pets at minimal cost. The book states what the recipe is about, and then proceeds to explain what the exact ingredients are. At the same time, the method using to make each of the recipes is simple, so anyone can use them without requiring a special manual.

Something else that will make any pet owner like the book is the fact that it points out certain essential oils that need to be used with caution, and even some that need to be avoided entirely when it comes to pets like cats and birds.

The range of essential oils dealt with in the book is wide, and that means the therapeutic pet recipes are also many. For anyone who would like to make healthy pet treats at a small fraction of the store price, this is the book for you.