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Essential Oils 2016: 200 Natural Beauty Recipes: Diffusers, Skin Care Remedies, Weight Loss, Aromatherapy

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The bodily energy and vitality serve as the corner store for living a quality life. The various blessings and utilities present around, can only make their true meaning if one is able to use them in the presence of a healthy and vigorous body. Staying close to nature serves as the universal principle which can drive the optimum progress of human body. Whenever deviations are made, the results are always negative. The enhanced use of potentials available in natural elements can make our way towards a more nourished and cherished life.

In this book, I have tried to make my readers well aware of the utility of essential oils. These miraculous and magnificent natural agents are responsible for making various therapeutic and remedial revolutions. The natural composition of these essential oils makes them highly usable with no amalgamation of artificial or processed elements. Staying close to nature will drive the human race towards the mental and physical well-being so essential oils can appear as one of the most useful materials.

The high up discussions which are presented in this book will entail the following highlighting features, which will present to you an uncovered view of various uses if essential oils.

  • The introductory information on Essential oils appearing as the miraculous gift of nature for the utility and usability of various human needs
  • The ingredients and features in each group of essential oils and why they are used for some particular ailments.
  • The best essential oil recipes that has been proven to be effective.
  • Essential oil diffusion basics- mixing your essential oils to get the best result.
  • How to enhance and protect the powers of your essential oil through proper storage and packaging.
  • How to apply the diffused oils to achieve the best possible results.
  • And a lot more!