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survival -

Prepackaged first-aid kits are not recommended! Those are the simplistic bags sold in the big box stores. They do not contain all the kinds of medical emergency supplies you will need. Only a few even contain sufficient gauze to wrap up a wound of moderate size. They tend to include items you already have in your medicine closet. That is insufficient in the case of a disaster or unexpected catastrophe. I recommend a DIY medicine kit. The following chapters will advise you as to the contents of your bag or kit. Money-saving tip: If you are on a tight budget,...

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weight loss -

Going low carb is a great way to shed pounds and feel healthier. One of the ways in which it helps to heal your body is by making it easier to avoid processed and highly refined junk food – since this is not allowed on the diet, you simply have to cut it out. This may seem difficult for the first week (or even longer) but as your body gets used to receiving energy in a steady, controlled release (rather than the highs and lows of refined sugar hitting your bloodstream) you should find these cravings are eliminated.

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soap making -

Make a batch today and you will love the results tomorrow! Lemon Lotion Soap If you like that lemon scented clean feel, then this Lemon Lotion Soap is for you! Make up a generous helping of this soap because it tends to go fast!Here are the exact ingredients: 2 cups of goat’s milk 4 drops of lemon oil 2 ounces of dried lemon 1 cup of water Add your cup of water to a medium saucepan and set it for medium heat. Now add your 2 cups of goat’s milk, 4 drops of lemon oil, and 2 ounces of dried...

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Gather Your Material: 1. Hammer 2. Nail punch 3. Drill 4. Wood Glue 5. Tape measure 6. Sand paper 7. Paint and brush 8. Wood pallets 9. EquipmentsStart Doing It: Step # 1: Preparing Your Wood Pallets:Take out all nails from your wood pallets. Pine wood pallets are separated easily whereas hardwood pallets have threaded nails therefore it is difficult to pull them apart. Measure your design and cut thicker wood pallets accordingly. Also cut out doors and drawers.Step # 2: Shaping the TV Cabinet:Clean the edges of the wood pallets and start laying the base boards. Place and join...

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crochet -

Crochet helps you to texture your fabric wonderfully to make a mandala. The mandala is a Sanskrit word used for “wheel or circle”. Circular designs of Mandalas have been utilized throughout the ages in the religious ceremonies, protect homes and adorn religious buildings. The circle characterizes various things that are familiar to different people. Colorful mandala is used in the meditation, and it is a way to promote good health and increase relaxation. You can calm your brain by focusing on the colors of the mandala.

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